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Olympia, WA


Sally Penley is a graphic designer and lettering artist living in Olympia WA. She began her calligraphic journey more than 40 years ago, studying with such masters as Lloyd Reynolds, Jaki Svaren and Tim Girvin. Sally, who is left-handed, is a fine artist who enjoys the process of creating various media backgrounds for her letters -- acrylic glazes, watercolor, paste papers -- using her favorite tools of choice, handmade Lebenzon brushes and the foam brush.

While letters are her passion, Sally is also passionate about using her art to make a difference. In 2009, she wrote out Barack Obama's entire inaugural address and bound it into small books for family and friends. In 2013, she created an exhibit called "Out of the Silence" to address bullying of LGBT and other vulnerable, suicidal teens. Calligraphers participated from all over North America and sale of the donated art raised over $10,000 for Pizza Klatch, an organization that supports LGBT youth in nine local-area high schools.

"It's very important to me that I use my gift to inspire and help people see words and thoughts in a new way. I love the process of 'translating' a great quote with a special visual enhancement."

Sally holds a BFA in Design, and is now retired from her "day job" as director of communications at Weyerhaeuser Company in Federal Way, WA.

Sally has periodic solo shows and curates other artists' shows at the Buck's 5th Avenue Loft Gallery (209 5th Ave. SE, Olympia WA), where she also has a studio.


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